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Spa Services

Casa Del Maya offers many spa services including massage, facials, aromatherapy and more

Menú de Servicios

Masaje Relajante / Relaxation Massage

Técnica manual para conseguir un estado físico y mental de relajación de forma agradable aliviando dolores musculares y ayudando a conciliar el sueño // Manual technique to get a physical and mental state of relaxation, relieving muscular pains and helping to sleep better.
60 min $800 mxp / 90 min $1100 mxp

Masaje Energetizante / Energetic Massage

Tecnica que permite desplazar la energía por todo el cuerpo eliminando bloqueos; incluve estiramiento de articulaciones // Technique that allows to move includes dilatation of the joints.
60 min $900 mxp / 90 min $1200 mxp

Masaje de Piedras Calientes / Hot Stone Massage

Relaja completamente gracias al calor producido por las piedras, estimula la circulación y ayuda a disminuir contracciones e inflamaciones musculares // Calm the body using the heat of the stones stimulates the blood circulation and reduce muscle contractions and inflammation.
60 min $1100 mxp

Facial de Chocolate / Chocolate Facial Mask

Tratamiento de rejuvenecimiento antioxidante, Su aroma estimulante contribuyen al estado de ánimo y disminuye el estrés // Rejuvenation treatment, with antioxidant, the aroma stimulates and increases good mood and reduces stress.
45 min $900 mxp

Experiencia Spa / Beauty Experience

La perfecta combinación de facial masaje relajante, brindando al cuerpo descanso y belleza total // A beautiful combination of facial massage and relaxation massage giving the body beauty and total rest.
90 min $1300 mxp

Casa Del Maya is excited to have Brazilian Natural Healer and Maestra, Amanda Magliloli join our team.  Amanda will be conducting plant based medicine ceremonies, providing Reiki and aroma therapy.


I am Brazilian and possess a Graduate in Biology with a Master Degree in Behavior and Wellbeing, a lover of plants and animals, Medicine woman and Therapist trained in Shamballa Reiki and Usui, Aromatherapy and Thetahealing. In search of self-knowledge, I have participated in meditation and spirituality groups for many years. I was initiated into Rapé medicine by the Céu de Isokan community in Brazil, which then became my calling. I soon became a co-facilitator in ancestral healing ceremonies where I share Rapé medicine. I conduct sessions with Rapé in therapeutic circles and in individual sessions known as Rapé therapy. In the arena of individual sessions, I combine all my healing knowledge and utilize Rapé, Reiki and aromatherapy. I have since founded, Flor de Oxum Rapétherapy and the results have been incredible. I greatly appreciate and honor the sacred medicines for guiding my way and enabling me to bring this beautiful medicine to others. “Deliver, Trust, Accept and Thank” this is the way.


Treatments with Amanda

Reiki Shamballa and Aromatherapy

Energy therapy that works on a mental, physical, spiritual and energetic level. Technique of channeling the universal energy passed on through the laying on of hands. The objective of this practice is to restore, through cleaning, unblocking and activating your chakras, the energy balance, energetically harmonizing it to activate the self-balance system and restore health, a great complement to other treatments. Aromatherapy is part of the session helping to harmonize and relax.

30 min $850 mxp ($46usd)  / 45 min $950 mxp ($52usd)



This therapy carried out with the Rapé medicine aids in our inner connection, self-healing and self-care. A sacred tool that helps treat mental, physical and spiritual illnesses. Rapé medicine is one of the most important traditional medicinal and healing resources used by Amazonian indigenous cultures. The wisdom of Rapé dates back to antiquity and its therapeutic use brings results to be obtained in a short period of time. Some benefits of Rapé: Calming and relaxation, concentration, cleanses energy, treats addictions, helps alleviate anxiety and depression, treatment of respiratory problems (Rhinitis and sinusitis), treats body aches, headaches. A Rapé session includes: Rapé medicine, aromatherapy, Reiki and cleansing with plants.

60 min (1 Rapé) $1200 mxp ($65usd) / 90 min (2 Rapés) $1400 mxp ($76usd)


Energetic Cleansing with Plants

Energy cleaning is a way to restore your vital energy, dispersing feelings, vibrations and remnants of negative energies or those coming from other people or charged environments.

30 min $450 mxp ($24 usd)

Meditation with Rapé application

In this session, we utilize the Rapé medicine with the intention of self connecting to enable you to better enjoy your moment of meditation, a moment of peace and inner connection. Can be done individually or in groups.

60m $1000 mxp per persona ($61 usd)

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