October 7

Cacao Ceremony

Cocoa Ceremony ūüďŅ
An elixir that calms your soul
Cacao is sacred to Mexico’s indigenous culture and long revered as a portal to light, love and God.¬† It is a Circle of love, containment and healing, accompanied by a Cocoa elixir, which helps you reconnect with yourself and the group, it is a balm to calm the soul.‚ú®
Guide: Claudia Gazal
Guardians: Ana Ordu√Īa
Jean: medicinal music
Contribution: $699
What to bring:
Yoga mat, water bottle and power stones.
Power stones can be agate, amethyst, amber, quartz, turquoise.


August 25

Circulo de Canto

Share with us the voice of your spirit in this night of beautiful sounds, medicine songs, dance and expression that will lead us to enjoy moments of connection with ourselves and others. 

Bring your instrument, rhythm and energy and let’s create together the melodies that will heal our essence.¬†

Reserve: (55) 4865 9514


July 19-22

Integrando Mi Ser

Experience a week full of energy and tools for you to connect with your Being, led by expert guides whose passion is to share.

Specific offerings range from morning yoga and balance classes. Indigenous plant based Kambo ceremonies, prehispanic dance lessons, a musical meditation of indigenous sounds and much more.

Balance class on Wednesday – 07:00am start time
Yoga on Thursday – 07:00am start time

Registration is required for each of the activities.

July 19

Terapia de Sonido

Indigenous music accompanying a meditation with optional application of Rapé  (pulverized tobacco from Brazil).


Aportación 450 pesos

July 19 & 20

Taller Danza Mexica

Taller Danza Mexica (prehispanic dance workshop, led by Shaman Abel Gonzales from Ayahuasca Healing the World. This dance fuses offerings to the four elements: earth, sky, fire and water and harnesses the collective power of vibrational energies. Great fun too.

July 19 – 20hr
July 20 – 17hr

Aportación 500 pesos p/día

July 19, 20, 21

Integrando Mi Ser

Corpo, Mente e Espíritu

Invitado especial: Abel Gonz√°lez (Ayahuasca Healing the World)

July 29

Ceremonia Rapé

Amore Incondicional
Meditación sonora, Aromaterapia, Limpias, Bailado


Aportación 650 pesos


April 14

Musical Gathering

April 20

Guided Imagery and Music Event

April 29

Rapé Ceremony


March 1st РThe prestigious Mérida English Library will be onsite at Casa Del Maya and conducting a tour of the city’s most renowned homes. We are very round of our inclusion in this distinguished and historical tradition.

March 18th – Meditation

March 24 РRapé Ceremony

March 24 РRapé Ceremony