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Casa Del Maya host events ranging from healers, plant-based medicine ceremonies, meditations and more.

Casa Del Maya is excited to have Brazilian Natural Healer and Maestra, Amanda Magliloli join our team this month.  Amanda will be conducting plant based medicine ceremonies, providing Reiki and aroma therapy.  

Hello everyone. My name is Amanda. I am 34 years old and a native of Brazil. I am a biologist by training and a life-long animal and plant enthusiast. I am a medicine woman and a therapist with professional training in Thetahealing style mediation (2016), Reiki Shamballa (2019) and AromaTherapy (2020).

For many years I have pursued an understanding of the self through meditation and spirituality. The impetus to begin working with rapé medicine came from my desire to bring peace and healing to the Brazilian community of Ceú de Isokan. It was there that I embarked on my journey with the plant medicine ayahuasca and during various ceremonies encountered the sacred rapé spirit that guided me to begin my work with the plant.

I came to Mexico in February of 2021 to pursue my PhD in neuroetology and to begin supporting ayahuasca ceremonies with rapé therapy. I derive a lot of satisfaction through my participation in ayahuasca ceremonies and I continue to attend to this day.

Currently, I work as a rapé therapist and lead both therapeutic circles and individual sessions. I feel that through having a unique and special relationship with each individual, I can draw on my vast knowledge and experience with rapé, aromatherapy and reiki to provide specialized guidance to those seeking inner peace and clarity. Given the combination of medicines that I work with, if each individual invests sufficient time and energy engaging with themselves honestly, progress is inevitable.

I feel incredibly grateful for my work with these medicines because they have guided me along my own journey and have allowed me to support others throughout theirs. Finding one’s path to clarity and healing involves surrendering, trusting, accepting and being grateful.


Plans are underway to provide a sacred Bufo Ceremony.  So please stay tuned.


March 1st - The prestigious Merida English Library will be onsite at Casa Del Maya and conducting a tour of the city’s most renowned homes.  We are very round of our inclusion in this distinguished and historical tradition.

March 18th - Meditation


March 24 - Rapé Ceremony

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