Casa Del Maya is an award winning, lovingly restored colonial-style home that enchants with Mexican charm and celebrates the rich culture and craft of the Mayans. The artful blend of hacienda and Mayan-inspired rustic elegance make Casa Del Maya a unique and romantic destination. You will be immersed in a wondrous array of therapists, clinicians, healers, artists and musicians borne from our wish to engender health, wellness, and consciousness aligned with our authenticity and passion for fostering community. Casa Del Maya’s rooms are named in loving tribute to Mayan gods and lore. Sited in Merida’s Centro district but just outside, its hustle, bustle and noisiness, you will be surrounded by beautiful trees and gardens that provide a quiet, tranquil and oasis like setting. We invite you to come stay with us to enjoy Mérida and all it has to offer, and we hope you return as a kind of homecoming.

All rooms at Casa Del Maya offer private entrances and showcase furniture made from Yucatecan Tzalam wood handcrafted by Mayan artisans. Beds are queen size with inviting pillow-top mattresses, 400 thread-count linens, and plush pillows, topped with beautifully hand-woven Mayan textiles. Each room is air conditioned, with ceiling fan, Wi-Fi, TV, and historic pasta tile floors. All rooms feature handmade hammocks and large bathrooms with rainfall showers and in-room safes.

Amenities Include:

  • Full breakfast each morning including fresh fruit, homemade cinnamon rolls, and a delicious hot entree, coffee, tea, and juice.
  • Wi-Fi in all rooms and throughout the property.
  • Our daily housekeeping ensures rooms are clean and ready for you!
  • Relaxing pool surrounded by trees and plants. Ideal spot after a long day walking.
  • Onsite courtesy bar offering spirits, beer and wine for your convenience.
  • Onsite organic health products for purchase by Pachitta

You will be welcomed and assisted by the warmth of our award-winning staff who possess vast knowledge of the marvels of Mérida and the Yucatan.

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Named for the plumed serpent god of Mesoamerica and in particular the Yucatec Maya as the creator and bringer of rain and winds. Just off the main lobby and kitchen, this tranquil room is one of two bedrooms of the original structure and comes adorned with stately original pasta tiles, indigenous art and a soothing rustic charm. Nestled near the main palapa and sparkling pool, come enjoy the spirit of the ancient Maya wisdom.


Also known as the Goddess of the Moon, Ixchel represents women and femininity and according to Mayan mythology is the goddess of love, pregnancy, water, textile work and even medicine. Just off the main building, this tranquil and festive room is one of two bedrooms of the original structure and comes adorned with stately pasta tiles, indigenous art and a soothing rustic charm. Nestled near the main palapa and sparkling pool, come enjoy the spirit of the tropical splendor


Set just off the pool, fountain, garden and courtyard making for a grand view. Chaac is a lovely fusion of nature and its splendor. The Mayan god of rain, and brother of the sun, with his lightning axe, Chaac strikes the clouds, causing them to produce thunder and rain. You will be enthralled by the vibrant colors, pasta tiles and art which blurs the lines between the internal and external. Come read, relax and ponder with a beverage. Dream and manifest.


The god and guardian of agriculture villages, this room is majestically set above our pool, courtyard, gardens and palapa allowing our guests a more territorial view. From this view, one can breathe in nature and its healing powers. Come climb the spiral staircase and enjoy the rustic Mayan charm and colonial elegance. Adorned with festive colors, art and textiles and lovely pasta tiles.


One of the most important of the Mayan pantheon, the creator of the world and supreme father of the universe who ruled based on his esoteric knowledge, rather than his strength. Itzamna was a fantastic mythological being that embodied the opposites of our world: earth/sky, life/death, male/female, and light/dark.” This room is slightly set off from our courtyard and nestled in a beautiful, rustic tranquility in a kind of foundational positioning. Come and enjoy, Itzamna’s spaciousness accommodating two queen beds, adornment of festive colors, art and textiles and lovely pasta tiles.


Ascending to Yaxche via an ornate iron spiral staircase, Yaxche offers perhaps Casa Del Maya’s most grand territorial view above the palapita, meditation area and gardens, this room offers two queen beds, is adorned with festive colors, art and textiles and lovely pasta tiles. The sacred Yaxche, or tree of life, was said to be planted by the Gods in the four corners of the earth to hold up the heavens. Yaxche is the revered Ceiba tree of the Maya thought to be a portal to the sacred underworld.


In Mexico, and Latin America, the term “casita,” refers to a smaller house that often accompanies the larger dwelling. Yet this two bedroom, two bath home is grand in its own right and is rented as a private suite for larger parties and can accommodate parties up to four guests. Spanning two floors and a private, kitchen, courtyard and pool, our casita is a great escape and embodies the grandeur of day to day Merida living. Beautifully adorned with Mexican color and charm, guests can cook and settle into the natural rhythms of Merida life with the privacy that bedrooms on separate floors provides. Come rest, relax and dream in its beautiful Mayan furniture and Mexican artwork.