Our SolMar Team

Casa Del Maya believes in a holistic mind, body and soul harmony and draws from modern and ancient healing practices ranging from therapy, coaching, experience and plant and animal-based medicine ceremonies.

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Services Include:
Therapy/Life Coach | Yoga, Meditation | Energy Healing | Plant Based Medicines

Amanda Miglioli
Holistic Therapist and Rapé Medicine Guide

I am Brazilian and possess a Graduate in Biology with a Master Degree in Behavior and Wellbeing, a lover of plants and animals, Medicine woman and Therapist trained in Shamballa Reiki and Usui, Aromatherapy and Thetahealing. In search of self-knowledge, I have participated in meditation and spirituality groups for many years. I was initiated into Rapé medicine by the Céu de Isokan community in Brazil, which then became my calling. I soon became a co-facilitator in ancestral healing ceremonies where I share Rapé medicine. I conduct sessions with Rapé in therapeutic circles and in individual sessions known as Rapé therapy. In the arena of individual sessions, I combine all my healing knowledge and utilize Rapé, Reiki and aromatherapy. I have since founded, Flor de Oxum Rapétherapy and the results have been incredible. I greatly appreciate and honor the sacred medicines for guiding my way and enabling me to bring this beautiful medicine to others. “Deliver, Trust, Accept and Thank” this is the way.

Viridiana Flores
Holistic Therapist, Reiki and Yoga Guide

In my five year search for healing and spirituality, I have experienced various arenas.  It is within this process that I discovered my passion and became certified in Vinyasa yoga, tantric meditations and Usui Reiki.  Each of these passions is a complete nourishment of my soul and sharing it is an opportunity to continue exploring and the deepening of my interior.  The provision of these passions are my service to humanity.
The master of the human is the earth, the master of the earth is the sky, the master of the sky is the Tao and the Tao governs itself.
So if we learn to relate to nature we can decipher the laws that govern this world and tune in to evolution more consciously and live a full life.

Jesúa Herrera

I am Jesúa Herrera, a Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation student with a unique passion for physical and emotional well-being. Allow me to share with you my story and dedication to improving quality of life through physical therapy and massage.

As a student of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, I have acquired deep knowledge about the human body and its ability to heal itself. Additionally, my training in classical dance for 5 years has added an artistic dimension to my therapeutic approach, allowing me to understand the importance of harmony and balance in health.

My passion for physical exercise goes beyond theory. As a sports lover, I understand the importance of keeping an active body to achieve an optimal balance between mind and body. This passion drives me to offer services that not only rehabilitate, but also strengthen and revitalize. With over 3 years of experience in the massage field, I have honed my ability to understand and address the individual needs of each client. Each session is unique and personalized, with the goal of providing relief, relaxation and general well-being. I am delighted to have the opportunity to share my knowledge and skills to help people improve their quality of life.

I believe in a holistic approach that encompasses not only the physical body, but also mental and emotional well-being. My goal is to be a facilitator on your journey toward a healthier, more fulfilling life. Thank you for taking the time to get to know me. I am excited to be a part of your journey to wellness. I look forward to helping you achieve your health and happiness goals.

Kaori Flores

Graduate in Humanist Psychology, Music Therapist, Theatre Laboratorist; Yoga and Voice instructor, and Creator of original yoga teaching methodology for children. Cofacilitator in medicine plant experiences.

Since I was a child, I was fascinated by my consciousness and my ability to imagine and influence my surrounding world. I was incredibly curious about people who had developed their own extraordinary abilities, and this became the path of my life.

This journey took me to different places and spheres of thought, among them: History, Psychology, Humanist Philosophy, Music Therapy, Transpersonal Psychotherapy, Quantum Physics, Sufism, Yoga, Meditation, Circus, Laboratory Theater, Butoh Dance, Massage, Feldenkrais Method, Psychodrama, Chi kung, Xilam, and world cosmogonies such as the Wirrárika, Amazon, Andean, Hindu, and Tibetan. On this diversity trajectory, I encountered many coincidences that helped me to understand, grow, create and ultimately increased the desire to share with others everything I have learned. I have been cultivating my mission of heightening human development since 2000 and have led classes, courses, provided therapies and have ventured into the arenas of healing ceremonies with sacred plants incorporating my voice and knowledge.

Silvia Trejo Basulto

My name is Silvia Trejo Basulto and I am a Spa Therapist with 13 years of experience. I love my work and it enchants me to achieve harmony of body and mind to bring about relaxation and complete peace. I work with the energy of the individual and have pursued studies to complement their energy with massages to assist people to feel healthy.

Valery Bernardi

I am an expert and teacher in body awareness and expansion of the body.

  • Artist, Ballerina, Gymnast, Pole Dancer.
  • Trainer in physical and sports.
  • Judge and coach of Acrobatic Gymnastics.
  • Physical rehabilitation.
  • Sound Therapy

I began my professional career in dance and have participated in competitions, and performances in theaters, shows and private.  I am also a choreographer in various disciplines.

I remain active in leading a competitive Acrobatics Gymnastics team which has garnered international certifications in these areas.

I began my spiritual path while participating in healing ceremonies using different ancestral plants.  This commenced by journey as a medicine woman facilitating therapies of meditation, body movement, alignment and flexibility together with the healing of sound frequencies using quartz bowls.

My purpose is to positively impact the lives of people in mind, body and spirit and providing tools for healing and helping to find the power that dwells in each one of us.  I am incredibly passionate toward helping women to connect with their feminine essence through circles of feminine power and techniques that lead to us to discover sensuality.


  • Group/private Meditation
  • Flexibility and Sound Therapy classes
  • Group/private classes of Acro and Handstand Physical therapy
  • Massages (Swedish, Deep Tissue, Facial, Sports)

Abraham Gutiérrez

My name is Abraham Gutiérrez and a purveyor of ancestral medicines.  I hail from Zacatecas, Mexico but lived in Los Angeles as a teen.  I now realize that my path to consciousness and expansion was instilled during these formative years via my cultural immersion in both countries.  As such, I also came to my restrictedness and misalignment with my True Self calling of partnering with and elevating others.

I have resided in Mérida for six years and during that time I was became increasingly devoted to living in harmony with nature and greatly intrigued by plant-based medicines.  Thankfully and humbly, I initiated my relationship with Ayahuasca five years ago and experienced a profound and transcendent understanding of my sense of self, the illusion of ego constructs and a recognition of how I had been culturally and environmentally conditioned to a place of restrictedness.  Today, I am an incredibly impassioned champion of the wonderous powers of plant-based medicine and am heavily involved in the Ayahuasca and Bufo community.   I am now the Mérida Administrator for The Ayahuasca Healing the World Organization and serve as a cofacilitator for their local ceremonies.

I am deeply committed to helping others achieve this same understanding and to transcend what they have come to believe as the bounds of their potential and am proud to be a part of the Casa Oasis and Casa Del Maya team.

I provide private Bufo sessions for fellow seekers and honored to serve as your guide and partner in pursuing consciousness.

Abel del Moral Chavez

My name is Abel del Moral Chavez and with the melodies of Goddesses and vibrational frequencies, I present myself and my offerings. I have been embarking on this journey formally and informally for over four years from a place of love of nature, psychology, humanity, sociology and the human potential. This journey has taken me to become both a practitioner and teacher of yoga, Tai Chi, ancestral/plant-based medicines, meditation, and to cultivate shamanic practices and ceremonies. Throughout this time, I have carried a bond with each person that has the openness to dilute the pain and the attachment to the iconic ego. The mind and body are the resonance for merging harmony and equilibrium to our emotions and my aim is to assist others in detaching from behavioral patterns that submerge ius n mental blocks and to plant seedlings to propagate the hygienic and productive mind.

Aura Lugo

My name is Aura Lugo. I am a visual artist and designer with a focus on aesthetics. This focus has translated into co-creating the image, essence and concepts that my clients aspire to bring to their lives. With more than a decade of experience in makeup, design and the pursuit of self-improvement for my clients, my journey led me to nail design, health and care and its many possibilities – viewing the hands as a creative tool, an expression of communication and action.

My goals with SolMar International and Casa Oasis Guest House and Spa, are to impart my expertise, share knowledge, propose healthy practices for our nails and interactions within my array of services, learning to uphold our potential from a perspective of respect, acceptance, and celebration of one’s own body.

Sandra Moreno

Hello, I’m Sandra Moreno, a proud Mexican woman deeply connected to my culture who also loves connecting with Mother Earth using all of my senses. I am a very curious person who seeks the meaning of life in everything along my path. Traveling and meeting people have long been passions of mine, and I’ve had the fortune to live in other countries and learn from them as well.

My purpose is to create experiences to share with every guest who visits us, offering not just a tourist adventure but opportunities to learn, connect, and raise awareness about Mayan culture, the surroundings, and nature. My tours are more local experiences than conventional ones and occur around Yucatán. Of course, I also offer other customized tours and transport to suit your needs!

In our culture, we’ve connected with the universe and everything it comprises. We’ve learned that what our eyes see is not the only existence. With this philosophy, our main goal has become sharing with you, in every experience we offer, these moments that lead us to understand and experience this world of spiritual guardians, energetic connection, and much more.