About Casa Del Maya

It has been said that the true aim and mission of an artist is to inspire and to prompt one’s appreciation of being alive. In this spirit, SolMar International, founded in 2019, is the art that Owners George Calderon, and Sarah Mattson bring to the world. As a long time, Psychologist/Life Coach and even Real Estate Broker, George became increasingly passionate in holistic health and wellness, indigenous healing practices, connecting with nature and wedding these pursuits with hospitality and guest experience.

SolMar takes its name and is inspired by the fusion between the sun and ocean and the great bounds between them. SolMar is also an expression of the healing potential and energy within these two elements. SolMar’s galvanizing spirit is “sin limites,” in a manner that inspires George and Sarah to continue toward an expansion of consciousness and wellbeing within this brand.

SolMar’s initial acquisition, Casa Mar a Cielo, “Home of Sea to Heaven,” was purchased in George and Sarah’s native Seattle, Washington. This lovely colonial, Mediterranean charmer set on Washingtons beautiful Puget Sound serves as retreat center and Airbnb, building a bridge of George’s helping practices between the US to Mexico. Ironically, what, “could’ve or should’ve,” been their dream house, Casa Mar a Cielo, instead inspired refinement and perspective to further their pursuit of promoting health, consciousness, connection and hospitality. Casa Mar a Cielo enhanced George’s passionate desire to further immerse himself in ancient and indigenous wellness and plant-based medicine practices of the Americas and connecting with nature, culminating in his and Sarah’s expansion and journey to Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula.

George’s unifying vision of wedding hospitality, wellness and experience was further realized in his and Sarah’s April 2022, purchase of the award winning, boutique hotel, Casa Del Maya. Part boutique hotel, spa, cultural and healing center, Casa Del Maya, serves as a springboard for earthy indigenous wellness practices using plant-based medicines, meditation, music to promote our recognition of our conditioning, its limitations and to create opportunities for fulfillment of Power, Freedom, Flow States, Love and Belonging, or what Jung referred to as individuation.

When we align with our calling or True Self, opportunities both anticipated and anticipated can abound. SolMar’s purchase of the newly christened, Casa Oasis and Guest House embodies this expansion. Right around the corner from Casa Del Maya, Casa Oasis was manifested out of this alignment of consciousness and energy. Casa Oasis is a festive and elegant colonial style guest house and spa that furthers SolMar’s fusion of nature, consciousness, hospitality and wellness. Along with hospitality, Casa Oasis is a kind of cultural center and performance space hosting the lion’s share of SolMar’s holistic health and artistic events.

Please join us in our art of living, celebrating and honoring our earth, wisdom, creating experience and authenticity.