Izamal - 40 miles east of Merida is the town of Izamal. Some call this "The Yellow City" because so many of its buildings are painted yellow. It is the location of an important Mayan civilization, with impressive ruins still visible today. Much of the city is built on top of ancient temples, giving the city the nickname "The City of Hills". 

Valladolid – Visit the Convent of San Bernardino, Church of San Gervasio, Folk Art Museum, Cenote Zaci, Ek Balam, Private museum home, or rent bikes and ride to the twin Cenotes. 

Ticul - A small town about an hour from Merida. Wonderful locally made ceramics. 

Temozon - Just ten minutes outside Valladolid is this town where you can find many small furniture shops selling locally made handcrafted furniture. The furniture in your room was made here. 

Free events each week:

Monday: 9:00 PM: Regional Dance, Merida City Hall, on the Main Square (Calle 62 between Calles 61 and 63) 

Tuesday: 8:30 PM: Big Band music and dancing, Santiago Park 

Wednesday: 9:00 PM: Concert nights, Centro Cultural Olimpo 

Thursday: 9:00 PM: Yucatecan music, verse, and poetry, Santa Lucia’s Park 

Friday: 9:00 PM: Artistic Weekend Theatre, UADY Building 

Saturday: 9:00 PM: Mexican Night - National folklore, mariachi, and marimba music, Beginning of Paseo de Montejo and corner of Calle 47 also 9:00 PM: Corazon de Merida – Zocalo (Main Square) Calle 60 at 59 

Sunday: All Day: Sunday in Merida - Theater, Music, folklore, food, arts, crafts, etc., Zocalo (Main Square), Calle 60 at 59 Bike riding - rent a bike and ride Calle 60 and Paseo Montejo, both closed to vehicular traffic until noon. For a real taste of how the locals eat, try any of the restaurants in Santa Ana or Santiago Parks. You won't have to look very hard; they will be out front competing hard for your business. 

Personal services: Massages, Facials, Manicure, Pedicure - we can arrange these services for you. 

Other things you may want to know:

Laundry: We can have your laundry sent out for you. It will be washed, dried, and folded. Around $10.00 US for a typical load for two people. 

All rooms include complimentary breakfast, TV, Wi-Fi, Pool, and A/C. All rooms are non-smoking. Smoking in designated area.

We are unable to accommodate pets. 

Sotuta De Peon – Working Hacienda. We can help you get on this tour of the only working hacienda in Merida. See how henequen was made back in the day. 

Horse-drawn carriage ride - you can pick these up on Calle 60 near the Zocalo, and just off Paseo Montejo on Avenue Colon, across from Fiesta Americana Plaza (we'll tell you how to get there). They also show up at fiestas, theaters, and other events to whisk you back to Casa Del Maya. 

If you are looking for a mainstream mall experience: Take a $5.00 US cab ride to The Galerias or Gran Plaza. Or walk to Calle 60 and catch the next bus that says Galerias or Gran Plaza on the windshield. 6 pesos per person - that's about 50 cents - what a bargain! 

Celestun: Tour the back country by boat, lunch on the beach, then walk downtown Celestun 

Chichén Itzá - Probably the most popular of the Mayan ruins, with much infrastructure. You can do it all here: walk the ruins, shop, eat, and swim a cenote next door. We can help you get on a tour bus to the site for the day, or you can rent a car and make your own way, stopping at other towns along the way. 

Uxmal - Some argue that the Mayan ruins here are the best on the continent. Located 60 miles east of Merida. 

Local shopping: Calle 60 , Calle 59, Santa Ana Park, Santiago Park, Paseo Montejo 

Progreso: Beach town 30 km from Merida. Busses travel back and forth every 30 minutes. Roundtrip fare: about $3.00 US 

* Casa Museo Montes Molina – Mansion maintained since the henequen days – Paseo de Montejo por 33 y 35 

* Dzibilchaltún Mayan Museum - Merida's newest museum dedicated to the history and culture of the Maya - Prolongacion Montejo in front of the convention center (Siglo XXI) 

Art Galleries: 


La 68 Casa de Cultura

Galeria Tataya

Casa De Las Artesanias – Calle 63 por 64 y 66 

In addition to the galleries, you will find many local artists offering their works each evening. Most can be found along Calle 60. 

* Pitaya Sorbet on Paseo Montejo.  There is a wonderfully sweet sorbeteria on Paseo Montejo where you can enjoy a variety of cool, refreshing flavors.

* Sopa de lima at Santa Ana park restaurant - You must not leave Merida without trying this wonderful local version of chicken (or turkey) soup. With a few noodles and a lime kick, it is perfect for what ails you. Top it off with a refreshing glass of jamaica (ha-MAI-ka), a tea made from hibiscus flowers. 

* Shopping at Santa Ana park - restaurants, local shops, ice cream, baked goods, vegetables, meats, flowers, etc., etc., etc. Just three blocks from Casa Del Maya. 

* Santiago Park – Similar to Santa Ana, but a bit further and a bit larger. 


* MACAY Contemporary Art Museum – Pasaje de la Revolucion, por 58 y 60 

* Centro Cultural Olimpo Museo de la Cancion Yucateca – Pasaje de la Revolucion por 58 y 60 

* Museo de Historia Natural – Calle 59 por 84 y 84A 

* Museo de la Ciudad de Merida, Calle 56 por 65 y 65ª 

* Galería Merida, Calle 59 por 52 y 54 Museo Pinacoteca “Juan Gambboa Guzman”, permanent exhibition of paintings and sculptures, Calle 59 por 58 y 60 

* Hacienda Yaxcopoil, Sisal Fiber Museum, Highway Mérida-Uxmal, www.yaxcopoil.com 

* Tourbus tour of the city – There are a couple of options based on your interest and language.Paseo Montejo bike ride: Each Sunday until noon

* Paseo Montejo, the "Champs-Élysées of Merida", is closed to vehicles on . Families bring their bikes, or rent them at one of the rental locations there, to ride up and down Paseo Montejo and Calle 60, from the main square, north to the glorieta (roundabout, circle) at Calle 32.

There is so much to see and do in and around Merida that it is difficult to see and do it all. We'll be glad to help you plan your day based on your interests. Breakfast is a great time to get together. We can suggest which high points not to miss, or help you plan your entire day. 


Casa Del Maya


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